Here’s a quick description of the meaning behind the songs on our new album Let It In!

1. RESOLUTIONS. We all make mistakes! But only some have the courage to learn from them.
2. GO GET YOUR MONEY. Pay your bills! Take responsibility! Was this written about anyone in particular? Actually, no. But at shows, I like to say this is about musicians cuz we’re always broke and begging for money, ha!
3. FAKE IT. Sometimes, when someone is mean to us, we stand up for ourselves and address the situation. Other times, we either don’t have time for that, don’t have the means, etc. Sometimes we just need to be nice to someone even though we really don’t want to. Just gotta fake it. Was this written about anyone in particular? Yes.
4. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Two meanings! First, be the life of the party. Don’t wait for the band to play your favorite song. Don’t wait for that third drink to kick in. Just make the party happen. Get there. Second meaning: big picture. What do you want? Make it happen. Focus on making it happen, rather than focusing in on the problems/obstacles in your way.
5. SHE’S NOT COMING HOME. This song has a lot of meanings for me. She’s running away, she’s making a change. Maybe she’s smart to move on, or maybe she’s just scatter-brained and can’t stay in the same place for too long.
6. BABY. This song is about sex. (Sorry mom!!) And yes, I wrote it for Jaime. He’s sexy and everyone knows it!
7. BAD BOY. This song also has several meanings for me. One of them: You know Cyndi Lauper’s song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? I wish it were more true. Seems like boys are wild and invincible and they make having fun a priority. Girls are more serious, they have tons of things to get done, and they can’t unwind. Got too much on their minds. “I can’t go out tonight, I have to wake up early to get the kids to soccer practice and then make a casserole etc.” I hope this song reminds women to stop being serious for a minute, and just let loose and have fun. Another meaning: I have a friend who isn’t attracted to men who have their shit together. She’s attracted to guys with motorcycles and no bank accounts! And she’s almost 40.
8. LET IT IN. Make sure you are enjoying a happy moment to the fullest. I see people all dressed up, sipping a $10 drink at a bar on a Sat night. There was no cover charge and they’re watching a live band. And they look bored. I wanna tell them “On Monday morning, you’re gonna be hating life and you’re gonna be craving that $10 drink and that live band. Enjoy it while you have it!!!!”
9. SOMETHING. This is a Beatles cover. Playing it this way was Omar’s idea few years ago. He is a genius!
10. YOU CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN. Problems will happen; this is a given. Push through! Keep moving. You are not going to let other things hold you down.


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