So a couple days ago, I had to get my car towed. I was at work, 45 minutes away from home, and saw there was a bubble in my tire. Didn’t wanna risk driving through the city and have it explode. Had to call AAA, leave work early, and pay for a new tire.

Bummer, right?

Not a bummer. Cuz this is what really happened:

I drove 45 minutes to work. Our parking lot is small, and we often block people in. I pulled in behind my CEO, who thank goodness was still outside, getting out of her car. I asked “OK if I block you in?” She said she’d be leaving at 3, so sure, as long as I can move my car by then. No prob! I’d run out during lunch.

So at 12:45, I ran out to move my car. Found a spot at the very end of the lot. As I walked back inside, something told me to look down. I noticed a weird bubble in my tire. Sometimes the bottom of my tires look slightly saggy, if I’m on a hill or something. But this was a specific bubble.
So I called my mechanic and asked if I could drop it off tomorrow. Sure.
But wait! I need to drive my car 30 miles home today on this bubble. Is that ok?
He said maybe, but maybe not. Which means no.
So now I have to make a plan. How am I going to get this car to my mechanic, and get myself home? That is the million dollar question. I devise an evil, fool-proof plan.
My mechanic is 2 blocks from my house. I get AAA to tow my car, and I hitch a ride with the tow truck guy. I am able to drop my keys off to the mechanic, and I can walk home.

Boom! Got my car to the mechanic, got myself home, and did NOT end up with an exploded tire in Baltimore city.

Some people might say this was a bad, stressful day. Had to get a car towed. Had to buy a new tire.
But no! This is good karma. Karma made me look down and notice my tire, and prevented me from driving home and exploding.

Remember when our van broke down on the way to our New Year’s Eve gig? That was indeed a bummer. We still don’t have a van. BUT it broke down across the street from a guy who rents U-Hauls.

THAT is karma. Karma might not get you a winning lottery ticket. It might not get you the job that you think is perfect for you. Having good karma doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen to you. Maybe it just means that when you have a bad day, someone will be looking out for you.

I love you!


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