Memorial Day is my birthday. Can you believe the whole country is celebrating my bday?! Awesome!

I have met a lot of people who don’t really do anything for their bday. And I don’t get it. Why the heck not? Are they thinking it’s up to other people to surprise them with things? Do they think birthdays are silly and don’t need to be recognized? Do they not think they’re important enough to be celebrated in some way? I think that life is super tough, therefore, if I am presented with some situation that could be paired with some celebrating, then I say heck yes.

So each year for my bday season, I make a list of some awesome things I want to do. I try to keep the list at a reasonable length. This year I’d like to see my favorite band, I’d like a date with my husband, I’d like to go to happy hour with my friends, I’d like to play a cool festival, and I’d like to celebrate with family. I’d also like to have brunch at Miss Shirley’s, but I think that’d be pushing it. And I want some Coldstone ice cream! (thank you Jaime)

And I try like hell to not get upset about age. Each year, my age increases by a whole number. It sucks! But I can’t change it; I can simply choose how I feel about it. And not being upset is more fun than being upset. So I choose to not be upset. I could always be 10 years older than I am! As my mom says, “getting older stinks, but it sure beats the alternative”.

I strongly urge you to celebrate your bday! Life is too short, and can be quite shitty at times. Think of something wonderful (and feasible) that would make you happy. And go for it! Celebrate your crazy self!

A few tips:
1. Come up with something simple (unless you are turning a multiple of 10). The more expectations you have, the more likely you might be disappointed.
2. If you want certain people to show up to your bday celebration, it would help if you showed up to theirs, too.
3. If you’re broke, no worries. How about a picnic in the park? Or happy hour? Or organize a game of kickball or something. People seem to like kickball. But you’ll have to find one of those big red balls, like they used to have in gym class.
4. Marry Jaime. He will make sure you have a great birthday season


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