The whole week is fuzzy, but to the best of my knowledge, here is a recap of our Summerfest trip!

Monday: Work. Errands. Pack. Everyone shows up at our house. Figure out how to get all equipment, merch, luggage, food into the van. Leave house around 7 pm. Woo! Drove til 1:30 AM and checked into some random hotel. Sleep.
Tuesday: Wake up!! We need to check out by noon, are you going to shower or are you just gonna sit there? Can I use your toothpaste? Dorothy brought a Vitamix blender and made smoothies. Don’t know what we would have done without those! Drove for a while and then stopped for dinner at a Whole Foods near Chicago. We grabbed some healthy food and ate outside. It was lovely. And this Whole Foods sold alcohol!! They had bottles of wine for $3 and $4. Heck yeah. Got to Milwaukee! Dorothy, Katie, Jaime and I went to the Safe House that night, which is a spy-themed bar. Lovebettie told us about it and said we must go! (Omar and Don were sleepy so they stayed home.) What a wild place! The bartender was also a magician. He was crazy awesome! Had an amazing martini made with Jameson (yuck). Saw lots of cool stuff. You should check out this video :-)
Wednesday: Sleep in! Get ready for Summerfest. More smoothies. Got to Summerfest around 1 pm. Hi, we’re Sweet Leda, Bill just told us to drive into this entrance. Do you have a permit? No, we were never given one. We were just told where to go. That’s crazy! Yes it is. Can we come in now? Hold on, lemme get someone on the phone. (This is EXTREMELY typical for festivals, ha.) Woohoo we’re here!! Our set wasn’t until 6:30 so we had lots of time to walk around and get ready for our set. Unfortunately, there were some complications so I couldn’t use my wireless mic. That bummed me out, but life goes on! We played a solid set. I was nervous. It’s SO much easier to play for people who already know and love you. They give you so much energy to feed off of. But after the set, I got to sign lots of CDs and meet some really, really sweet people. Then we grabbed some dinner and checked out Trombone Shorty, Magic, and Sheryl Crow. I had a blast screaming Sheryl Crow lyrics with our girl Katie, who came with us. Wow, Sheryl has a lot of hits!
Thursday: Wake up, wait for everyone to shower, drink smoothies, check out. Like every day, refresh the bags of ice in the cooler. Dump out the water. Load out all our crap, including instruments (ya can’t leave your guitars in the van all night). Figure out how to get everything back into the van. Had an AMAZING brunch at the Pineapple Cafe in Milwaukee. Good inexpensive food. My bloody mary was garnished with a hard-boiled egg, and a mini bottle of Miller High Life. Our waitress Yami was awesome. What a treat!!
The plan was to spend the day in Chicago sightseeing, eating pizza, and checking out an open mic. But it’s such a big town! We felt overwhelmed. Didn’t know where to go, where to stay, etc. I saw on Instagram that our pals Pasadena (from home) were playing in a small town in Ohio. We had to drive to Ohio the next day anyway. So we decided to go to Ohio early. We surprised them and got there just in time for their set. It was SO great seeing them! Cool bar. Cheap Yuengling and tacos. Woo! We slept in a hotel on Lake Eerie. Unfortunately, we got there during May Fly (aka June Bug) season, which only lasts one to two weeks. These bugs are dumb and disgusting and they literally take over the town. They pile up on roads and grass. The gas station was covered in them. They even cause accidents, cuz the swarms are so big. It was pretty freakin disgusting.
Friday: Wake up in Bugtown. I was scared that the bugs would be everywhere while we packed up the van, but they weren’t, thank goodness. Fri was a fantastic morning because we found out about the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states! You know how we feel about equality, so we were pretty freakin ecstatic.
We drove 90 minutes to Cleveland. We were staying with Kelly and Becca, who we know from Mama’s Black Sheep. They live in a beautiful house with a beautiful yard full of green grass. I let my toes dig into the green grass outside and the lush carpet inside. What a nice change from mediocre hotels! I got some time to call my parents. It was so great to just rest for an hour! Then it was go go go again. We stopped by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but only had 45 minutes to spend there. What an inspiring place. Then we had to load into our gig at Wilbert’s Music Bar. This place rocks. About 80 Grammy-award winners have played there! Such a good vibe at this bar. Played a great set to a terrific crowd, and got to see some rap/hip hop artists. Met some new friends. Then our hosts took us out on the town. What a blast!!
Saturday: We woke up in our friends’ beautiful house. Then their friends Suzanne and Sherry came over and made us all a homemade breakfast. After days of eating mostly hotel continental breakfast, I cannot tell you how amazing this was. Eggs, potatoes, and bacon have never tasted so good!! Since we only got to check out the Hall of Fame for a few minutes on Fri, we went back for about 2 hours. So glad we had that time. Then we went to a surprise birthday party for one of our hosts, Kelly. We hung out and played some music, and met some terrific people and a super sweet puppy!
Sunday: Wake up and go home! We got home at 9:30 PM. Jaime and Omar went to work the next morning. YIKES!!!

So that about wraps it up! We are still exhausted.

THANK YOU for reading!

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