Empathy. I think that many humans are lacking in empathy. Empathy is what calms people down, what makes people “just get over it”, what makes people donate time and money to good causes.

It’s easy for me to support women’s rights, cuz I’m a lady. It’s easy for me to preach about supporting local music, because I’m in an indie band. But it’s more difficult to step outside my comfort zone, and understand the points of view of other kinds of people. Women need male supporters. Gay people need straight supporters. Animals need human supporters.

There are so many political and socially conscious issues bouncing around. Have you read the Facebook comments lately? Yikes. There are some people out there who really can’t see past their own nose. It is whack-tastic. If we are going to get anything accomplished, and move in any kind of good direction, we must start thinking of all people, not just people who are similar to us.

Whether it’s a small or huge issue, we just need to practice empathy. We gotta take a few minutes and put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and imagine what their problems would be. But we can only practice empathy when we pause for a moment, and let it in. Let it in!

THANK YOU for reading!

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