We had off this past weekend! We could have rested or got stuff done around the house. But that’s no fun. So instead, we visited Paul and Bonnie Cullen in Rehoboth all weekend! What a blast, and so great to see our friends who we rarely get to spend time with. (Should that “who” be a “whom”? Eh, screw it) Also got to see the famous DJ Sharon!

Jaime and I were heading back home on Sunday. But Lower Case Blues was playing an awesome outdoor bar from 4 to 7. So naturally, we had to go see them. Cuz they rock. So we went. There were lots of people there, enjoying the beautiful day and the killer band. I met a woman who was there, celebrating her birthday. I love birthdays!! So I said “ohh how wonderful, Happy Birthday, can I buy you a drink?” And she said “Nah. I really just wanna go home. I don’t really like to go out anymore these days. I just like to be home.”

Blink. Blink.

It took every ounce of strength for me to not argue. But. But. Outside. But. But. Your friends. But, but, visiting other towns? Going to see bands? Going to the park. But. But.

A couch and TV are wonderful sometimes, but this can NOT be the bulk of your social life. Maybe if you’re on bedrest. But under any other circumstances? No!

I wanted to say so many things. But I didn’t. It’s not my business. And I don’t even know her. There is a fine line between wanting to help people, and sounding bossy and know-it-all ish. I’m sure I have crossed that line many times. But damnit! I’m gonna forgive myself because I know that I’m coming from a good place. And this time, I did keep my mouth shut.

Grab life by the ovaries! Go party on a Sunday. On your birthday. sheesh
THANK YOU for reading!

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