I love saving money! So do you. We all love saving money! Isn’t it great when you use a 25% off coupon at the Express outlet in Rehoboth and also pay no tax cuz you’re in Delaware?! Think of all the money you save. What a rush.

So many of us wonderful people are trying to shop local these days. Which is sooooo great. But when we do this, we might need to shift our mentality a bit. If I buy dinner from a locally-owned restaurant, I shouldn’t always use a coupon. Even if one is available. Express might be big and powerful enough that they can handle all of my coupons. But that local place down the street…they’re struggling. Even places that don’t look like they are struggling are struggling. So if you CAN go enjoy some dinner without using that Groupon, maybe go and pay full price once in a while. Send others there and don’t tell them about the coupon. Buying a CD from a local band? I know it’s great to get a discount (woohoo, they gave me two CDs for $15, I’m such a good money saver!) But know that they are struggling so much that they sold a piece of their soul when they gave you that discount. They really can’t afford to give people that discount. But they want people to hear their music. And they needed that $15 for their gas tank to get to the fundraiser they are playing for free. So, they gave you the discount.
We’re all struggling! We need to save money and shop smart. But if local businesses give us huge discounts like big box stores do, they will go out of business.

So what am I saying?

Save money! Yes! But when it comes to local places, give more when you can. Maybe only buy the Groupon every other time, instead of every time. Insist on paying full price for a band’s CD or shirt, if you can afford it. Sometimes I know I could get into a show for free cuz I’m good friends with the band or I go to that venue all the time, but I/we pay the cover anyway, so that we can support the event. I love going to Bella Napoli on BOGO pasta night, but we try to stop by on other nights too, and we pay full price. It’s not always about the money that WE are saving as consumers…if we are saving money at a small local shop, then we are just taking money away from them. Something to think about!
THANK YOU for reading!

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