Thanksgiving will be a busy day! We will drive an hour to Jaime’s brother’s and do brunch for a few hours. Then we’ll drive an hour and stop by Wegman’s (my favorite place) to buy the stuff that we need for house #2. Then we’ll drive to my brother’s for turkey dinner. Then we’ll drive an hour home and hang out with two very lovely friends. Then we will play shows on Fri (close by) and Sat (Wilmington DE). Collapse on Sunday.

How exhausting!! Lots of running around. I’m tired just thinking about it.
But when people ask me “how was your Thanksgiving?” I am NOT going to say “argh, so busy! I’m exhausted.” I’m going to say “It was wonderful. I spent time with loved ones and played really fun shows.” I don’t need to focus on the long-day and lots-of-miles-traveled aspects of the holiday. I’m going to focus on the good parts. Why do so many of us tend to focus on the negatives in our lives, rather than the positives? It’s as if perfection were the only acceptable way of life.

I saw a Facebook post the other day by a girl named Julzy. She said “anybody have gloves, coats, scarves to donate? I’m gonna run around Thanksgiving morning and give stuff to the homeless.” I read that and thought WOW. One person can totally make a difference. What a wonderful thing to do! Mad props to her. Why not follow in her footsteps?!

Let us be thankful! Today and every day. If there is a God out there somewhere, I believe he/she will reward the thankful people first. Why waste time on the people who are just gonna complain? If were in charge, I would reward the thankful happy people who spend time caring for others. Wouldn’t you?

THANK YOU for reading!

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