I’m not sure where you live, but I live in Maryland. And we just got 29 inches of snow last weekend! It was a very long storm and kept us inside for a few days. Some thoughts:

  • I don’t like storms. Weather really scares me. But I knew this storm was coming. There are some things we just can’t change. Wouldn’t it be easier and more productive if I were to just accept it and try to enjoy it? That’s what I did. I made the most of it. I made lots of yummy food and got to watch TV (which I don’t get to do very much). I got to see Jaime all day. Couldn’t make it to the gym, but I shoveled a lot. It was great!
  • In our busy lives, all we want is for a peaceful day off. When we are given a peaceful day off (or 3 days), all we want is to go back to that crazy hustle and bustle. Why?? I thought we asked the universe for a day off!
  • Ya know what I liked about the storm? It felt kinda old school. Everyone stopped what they were doing. They made food from scratch. They played board games. They buckled down and just focused on taking care of their homes and families. They went outside and talked with their neighbors.
  • When I did my pre-storm food shopping (3 times), there was a sense of unity. Understanding. Everyone was kind and conversational. I didn’t care about the crowds or long lines…that’s to be expected.
  • Ya know what we should do? Make a list for the next big snowstorm. What things did you do/buy that were a great idea? What food did you forget to buy and wish that you did? How did you assemble the cars? Could you have parked more strategically? Make a note on your phone, or email yourself.

We love you!

THANK YOU for reading!

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