What costs $10? A martini. A sandwich. A parking spot at a garage. Or a collection of songs.

If you hear a great song on the radio or Youtube, or see a band that you like, please act immediately. Buy the album. Write yourself a note to find the album on iTunes. Something! You know how much your favorite music means to you. Get more of it! Isn’t it funny how often we hear a band or song that we like, and we just keep on walking. WHY??!!! It’s music and it lasts forever. Just buy it! (If it’s an indie band like us, try to buy directly from the band, so that more money goes to them. But if that’s not possible, iTunes works too.)

AND remember that an album makes a really great gift. If YOU are the one who turns a friend onto their new favorite band, they will owe you for life.

THANK YOU for reading!
#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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