I have a job. I mean, in addition to the band. It surprises most people for some reason.

I write and edit math textbooks and online courses. I love it! We develop content for publishers. We are client-based. A client comes to us, they say something like “hey, write us a 6th grade math book,” we work on their project, we finish it, then we move on the next one.

A few years ago, I had a difficult client. The days were long and stressful. They were extra super demanding. I felt on edge a lot. I went to see my hero (Gena, my acupuncturist). I told her about my work woes and explained “Most days I’m fine. I go to the office to work my hours and I’m happy to work. But whenever the client emails and complains about ANOTHER thing, I get pissed and have a bad day. I’m so tired of them ruining my mood!”

And with one thought, BAM! Gena fixed me.

She said “So you are saying that your CLIENT–not you–is in charge of your happiness. Why would you give your client that kind of power?”

Damn she’s good. I basically made the decision that every time I got a negative email, I was gonna have a bad day. Why the heck would I do that to myself?? I prefer to have good days, not bad. It’s that simple.

I still get emails like that. I still deal with difficult people all the time, related to and not related to work. But I’m not going to let my happiness fall in their hands. It’s on me. And I suggest you do the same.

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

 #LetItIn #MakeItHappen
Photo by Dan Gillespie

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