Stranger = Danger!

At least, that’s what we tell our kids. Understandably so!
But we’re adults now. And strangers do NOT equal danger. Would I let a stranger into my house to hang out? No. But I think we don’t need to treat strangers like strangers.

A few months ago, Donboy and I went to Nick’s Fish House, a great bar in Baltimore. We were meeting Jaime and some friends there to see Mama’s Black Sheep. We got there early. It wasn’t very crowded yet. I looked around for my friends and noticed a guy sitting a few bar stools away. Let’s call him Barstool Guy cuz I forget his name. Moments later, I see my relative Joe walk in the door. Hey Joe! Hey Juls! etc etc etc. We catch up. He said “I’m meeting my son here!” And who is his son? Barstool Guy. Which means this random stranger sitting a few bar stools away is my relative. Whaaaaaaaat. If Barstool Guy were meeting a friend or coworker at the bar, and my relative Joe never showed up, I would have had no idea that the dude sitting within arm’s reach is my relative. Maybe we would have talked to each other about the menu “aww man, you gotta try the crab balls. They’re on special for happy hour” but would we have ever discovered that we were related? Probably not.

We are connected. Even if we think we’re not. That stranger passing you on the street? Maybe she is a waitress who treated your mom nicely at a restaurant one day. That dude at the post office? Maybe he’s your favorite neighbor’s cousin. That angry chick at the MVA? Maybe you have the same birthday. You just never know. So! Let’s just treat everyone as if we have a special connection. Let’s be nice to them. Once in a while I see someone post on Facebook “I was standing in line at the grocery store and someone was…like…talking to me. And I didn’t even know them.” Well THAT’S GREAT!!!!!!!! Let them talk. Listen. Learn something. Make a new friend for crying out loud.

Oh and PS…let’s stop killing people. Can’t we all agree on that? I don’t care what your job is, what color your skin is, if you are gay straight bi transgender curious undecided, I don’t give a flying frick. No killing allowed! Let’s just treat strangers as friends-to-be, or people who are connected to us without us even knowing. Cuz they most likely are.

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

 #LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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