I hate lying. Why do we still do it??

When we lie, we are basically admitting to ourselves that we screwed up. And we’re too afraid to admit it out loud. So we lie to cover it up and pretend that we didn’t screw up. So after we lie, we not only need to eventually apologize for screwing up in the first place. Then we need to apologize for lying. That’s a double whammy! Why set ourselves up like that?

It also makes us look cowardly. Have you ever had someone lie to your face, and you knew it was a lie? You were probably super mad. But maybe you almost felt bad for them. Cuz they were being pitiful.

Can we just agree that lying is not an option anymore? When I think about the time that is wasted due to lying I get MAD!!!! If we stop lying, we can get through our problems quicker. We can settle our arguments earlier. We could save ourselves from lots of doubt and confusion. If more people were honest, then others wouldn’t be so quick to assume that we are lying when we actually tell the truth. It really sucks to have someone accuse you of lying when you are really telling the truth. But if I have been known to lie, why should someone trust me? They’d be crazy to.

Of course we do have those times when we sorta need to lie, to protect someone (no you don’t look silly in that outfit; oh this steak is cooked perfectly; Donald Drumpf is a classy dude, etc).

Please! Take a deep breath before you lie. It sucks to have to deal with the stress that accompanies a lie. No more lying! We can’t afford to keep replacing our burnt pants. When you find that you are unable to lie your way out of something, you might even end up doing the right thing in the first place more often.

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

 #LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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