A few weeks ago, our air conditioning broke. On a very hot day. On a Friday afternoon, too. A Friday afternoon before a weekend with temps in the upper 90s.
And last week, a few days before we left for a long weekend to play at the beach, our dryer broke. Isn’t life ridiculous?! When it rains, it pours. What a difficult few weeks.

Well…not exactly.
When our AC broke, I immediately called my father-in-law, as I often do. He recommended BGE Home, and even said we should consider their home service plan. Neither of us were hopeful about BGE coming out on a weekend. But! I’ll give it a try. Called them up. The woman was so nice and said they can’t come out on Sat, but could actually come out on Sun! Wow, Sun is much better than Mon or Tues. I was very nice and appreciative. Then the woman said “hang on a minute, let me just double check.” Boom! She found an opening for Sat. YEAH!! They’d be there sometime between noon and 6, you know the deal. We had important plans and needed to leave around 5. But AC is important! If they can’t get there til 6, so be it. Plans would have to wait.
They got there at 11:45. Whaaaat. Awesome. He had it fixed in an hour. He said if we agree to sign up for the service plan, we save $100. Yes!! We wanted to sign up anyway. Ok great. Now our AC is fixed, and we saved $100. And we don’t have to be late to our event. And we pay a monthly fee, so when an appliance breaks, they come out and fit it for free.
Two weeks later, our dryer stops working. Ridiculous. But it’s ok! Cuz I got my new fancy service plan. I called them up. They came out a few days later and fixed it. No charge.

So! Yes, our stuff breaking is super annoying. But look how it happened!
-Someone fixed our AC the NEXT DAY. They didn’t need to order more parts, or come back another time.
-Someone checked out our AC on a freakin Saturday. How often does that happen?!
-I saved money by signing up for the service plan that I already wanted to get.
-We were only without AC for about 20 hours.
-We were home when the AC broke, and home that upcoming weekend. This is rare! We travel every weekend in August except for one.
-When our dryer broke, I had the service plan. So when the guy came out to fix it, it cost me $0.

The same thing happened when our first van (Blue Cheetah #1) broke down. Yes, it broke down on New Year’s Eve, on our way to Rehoboth. That sucked. But where did it break down? Across the street from a wonderful man’s shop, where he rents U-Hauls. So we were able to get ourselves AND our equipment and luggage to the gig on time.

What the heck is my point? To take better care of your appliances?! No. My point is sometimes things aren’t as awful as they seem. Don’t be so quick to answer the question “how are you” with “Blah! Look at all these problems I got!” You’ve seen those whiny people on Facebook. Don’t fall into that trap! Turn on your sunny side. Just cuz you might not see the sunny side (or might not admit that there is one), doesn’t mean that a sunny side doesn’t exist.

I am doing my best at this! Do I still have bad days? Yep. Do I still get sad or cranky for NO reason? Absolutely. Actually was super cranky on Tues, just a few days ago. But I am more aware of it, and I try harder to smack myself in the face, and laugh at myself. When a good friend texts and asks how I’m doing, I often say “I am overwhelmed and so swamped! But still smiling.”

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

 #LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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