Soooo, shortly after Jaime and I started dating, we got hooked up with our friend Kevin (cuz I met his wife when I was a math teacher and I adored her!) The three of us were going to start playing music together, and record an album. How exciting! I had sang in choirs before, but never fronted a band. And I had never recorded before. So fun!
We started learning covers. Every Monday night, I’d go over to Kevin’s house and we’d try to knock out 5 songs. But then it came time to record the album. Ok, we need to write some songs. Juls! Write some lyrics. Come up with some melodies.


I’m not a songwriter. I can’t do that. I don’t know how. I’m a math person. How the heck would I write a song? I was terrified. We brought someone in to help with writing. And that really went well. But something wasn’t right. These words needed to come from me.
Soooo I just did it. Poof! That’s how I became a songwriter. One day I wasn’t, the next day, I was. Boo-yah. Simple as that! Isn’t that crazy? It was terrifying but what were the alternatives? 1. Not record an album. 2. Record an album of covers. 3. Or record someone else’s words and melodies. I didn’t like any of those alternatives.

The more I wrote, the better I got. And ya know what? We still play some of those very first songs. “What You Don’t Know” is a very very old song. And “It Wasn’t Me.”

So! What do you want to be today? Poof!! Go be it.

PS Keep in mind when you decide to be an artist one day, don’t expect your friends and family to understand. Some of my peeps kinda laughed at me. Others were supportive. Others didn’t really care; they had their own crazy lives to deal with! Don’t worry what your friends/fam think. They are no fancier than you are. It’s hard for them to all of a sudden see you as an artist, when you weren’t yesterday. It’s kinda like seeing a kid grow up. “What?? You can’t drive a car. A few days ago you were 2.”
And! This goes both ways. If one of your loved ones decides to start playing music or painting, please be supportive! Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Fun fact: This band of Kevin, Jaime, and me used to be called Kebby and the Family Juls. Then Bittersweet. Then eventually Sweet Leda!

Another fun fact: Kevin is Jaime’s business partner. They own Studio Unknown, a company that does sound design for film. Which is in the same building as our producer SongBuilder Studios!

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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