Last week, I told you about our trip to LA. We also went to Monterey/Carmel CA to visit family! It was a WONDERFUL trip.

As soon as we got to our first stop, we had to drop everything and just breathe. The air felt so good out there. It felt clean and crisp. We could immediately feel our troubles melt away; it was surreal. The views were outstanding. The waves crashing up on the rocks…so majestic!!

You know what I really loved? We stayed at a place from The owners are VERY earth-conscious. In fact, they asked that we stay for a quick orientation right after check-in. Here’s what they went over at check-in:
-There’s a compost bin by the kitchen sink. Please deposit food scraps, egg shells, etc. The hosts will come by and pick up the scraps when we check out, and will put them in the soil.
-Please recycle as much as possible.
-Please limit yourself to one shower per day.
-Going to the bathroom? If all you’re gonna do is pee, don’t flush. You know you’re probably gonna pee again in an hour or so. So get a few good pees in there before you flush a whole toilet worth of water. Gotta poop? No problem, flush it down.
-When starting a shower, ya know how you let the water run for a minute or so, and wait for it to heat up? Well, here in MD, we have tons of water. But in CA? Major drought. So when you wait for that water to heat up, use a bucket to catch the cold water. When it’s full, dump it in a big bin out in the driveway. They use that water for their plants. Nothing is wasted!

I LOVED this. I loved playing my part. Out here in MD, we are pretty spoiled. We don’t have a drought and we don’t think much about wasting water. Some don’t think about it at all. It’s time we buckle down and start thinking of more things that we can do for Mother Earth. Not for the reason of saving ourselves money or time or anything. But because we care about the health of the planet. Other towns and states and countries, not just ours. What can we do? Flush every other time. Don’t let the water run if you don’t have to. Buy and use reusable water bottles; don’t get bottled water unless you have to. Use less plastic! Bring cloth bags to the food store, Target, wherever you shop. Keep one in your car. If we all used one less plastic bag per day, week, etc, it would make a difference. If I personally spared a gallon of water every day, that’d be saving 365 gallons per year. If I convince someone else to save a gallon a day, that’d be 730 gallons saved. It adds up quick!

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray for your safety, happiness, and health!

#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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