Last week in OC, we had a great show. There was one odd thing about the show, and there were lots of great things about it. But when people asked me about it, I immediately focused on the one thing that was weird about it. I described the gig as weird.

Jaime started to correct me and I thought “argh, just let me say why it was weird.” But then I realized…I am totally ignoring my own advice. If there are 4 pros and 1 con, does the con take over?? That’s stupid. I was being stupid. I forgive myself! But hope to know better next time. Why on earth did I do that? One con is strong enough to take out all the pros? Humans do this all the time. WHY? If we take on this attitude, we are basically giving ourselves permission to ALWAYS complain and never be happy. There’s always something to complain about (especially if we are searching for something to complain about).

Nothing is perfect. Your holiday probably won’t be perfect. Maybe you have too much to do. Maybe you don’t have enough to do. Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you’re not feeling well. Maybe you’re broke. Maybe work is tough and you’re stressed. Maybe you’re suddenly single this year. Maybe you lost a parent this year. Maybe you’re having car trouble and can’t get it fixed for a whole week cuz of the damn holidays. Maybe your heat broke.


When you’re counting the cons, don’t forget to count the pros, too. They are just as important and you can’t take them for granted. For example, we have a house with heat that actually works. Big whoop, right? Well, right!! Imagine NOT having heat. You’d probably think “jeez, if ONLY our heat would fix itself. I’d be thankful and happy!” Well. Ta-da!!

I am thankful for heat. I am thankful that I get to do fun holiday stuff and go to parties. I will enjoy several feasts. I will give and receive presents. I will give and receive a ton of hugs. I am so fortunate.

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray/wish/hope/whatever for your safety, happiness, and health!


Photo courtesy of Good Clean Fun Life

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