I am stressed. Not gonna lie to you. I have planned too much and I have no idea
how I’m going to do it all. Sound familiar? You’re probably in the same boat!
But. The stuff is planned. And the show must go on. So what do I do to keep myself

  • I avoid telling everyone I know how stressed I am. I don’t want to keep
    recycling that anxious and negative energy (although my dear friends sometimes
    get an earful).
  • I try to push forward and be kind to others. Especially at the grocery store.
    I dunno why, but I feel the need to be sweet to strangers at my Giant
    to help them through their day.
  • I take care of myself. I try to eat well and give myself enough time to
  • I study the calendar. If I have several nonstop days in a row, I enter
    “don’t book anything this night” in the calendar right after and/or
    before. I try my best to avoid pairing late nights with early mornings the
    next day.
  • I schedule things that make me happy. Fun gigs, dates with Jaime, dinner
    with friends. A LOT.
  • I do NOT skip the gym or yoga. I know in busy times we might be tempted
    to skip “no time for yoga! Gotta get my chores done” but that’s just
    no good. If I take care of myself, I will do a better job of getting all my
    shit done, and do a better job of not being cranky around everyone I love.
  • I take time to think about what I’m thankful for. I don’t just say it in
    my head. I tell others. I tell Jaime. “Look how great this is! blah blah
    blah”. I try to let it in, and let the good, happy vibes swirl around
    and stay for a while. For example, Jason’s benefit this Sunday. A wonderful
    man was shot on Christmas and almost died. But he is doing great and he’s
    home now. And tons of our friends’ bands are coming together to play his benefit
    on Sunday. I am thankful that Jason is ok, and I’m thankful that we get to
    be part of this event. This is huge!! Huge.

Feel free to try some of these tricks to avoid going crazy!

THANK YOU for reading! I love you and pray/wish/hope/whatever for your safety,
happiness, and health! Happy New Year to you. Thank you for your support. We
couldn’t do this without you!

#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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