(originally posted June 12, 2013)

Whew! There is so much to say about our trip to NY last week. How do I keep this organized and not ramble? I know!! I’ll interview myself. Ha! Gotta do this quick so please excuse the typos. We left Tues morning, got there at 4:30 PM. Then stayed overnight and left the camp at 3, got home at 10:30. (And we all worked our day jobs the next morning!) Whew.

What is Roots Rock Revival? It’s a masters’ music camp! It’s held in the Catskills Mountains in NY. Butch and Oteil from the Allman Brothers got together with Luther and Cody from North Mississippi Allstars and formed this revival. They each teach a music class during the day. So campers come here to enjoy classes taught by these awesome rock stars, delicious catered meals, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and camping! Each guy teaches his own class. There weren’t a lot of people there–just about 100. So everyone got a very intimate experience–lots of personal attention. People paid good money to be there!

What is a typical day like? Everyone eats together. You can do yoga or exercise in the AM. Then breakfast til 9:30. Then attend a few classes (they’re all very hands-on classes, more like workshops). Then everyone eats lunch together. Then more classes! You don’t have to attend them all–you are welcome to skip and just hike, swim, or jam with fellow campers! Then dinner. Then on Tues, we performed for everyone (we were the ONLY band there to perform last week). Then the rock stars get up and perform, and they eventually open it up and let people jam.

How did Sweet Leda get invited? Have you heard of Reverbnation? It’s a big online organization for bands. Our page has videos, songs, pictures, etc. They have tons of cool opportunities to submit to, like festivals and such. Butch Trucks wanted to pick one band for this revival! How to do this? He decided to have a contest through Reverbnation. Any bands who were interested could submit. He went through them all and then chose. We submitted. So…when we first got there on Tues last week, we went to dinner. We met Butch almost immediately. He seemed excited to meet Leda :-)  He told us “I’m so glad you could make it!! I was going through all these videos and I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for. Video video video. But THEN I came across your video and I said THAT’S IT!!!!! That’s my band!!! Then I kept watching and then I was like [Explicative!] That’s Ron Holloway!! Oh man, this is totally my band!” Ok…you can probably throw a few more explicatives in there. He is an animated man.
We got quite a kick out of this story, as I’m sure you can imagine!

Most importantly…what food did they have? For dinner Tues night, they had yummy chicken and some side dish. I forget what it was! Some kind of potato? And asparagus. And a salad bar. For breakfast the next day, they had veggie quiche with lots of cheese. Also, veggie curry. And yogurt parfaits with blueberries and granola and more fresh fruit! Then for lunch, two different kinds of sandwiches. One of them was hummus. I forget what the other one was. A salad bar, and cream of asparagus soup. Freakin outstanding.

How was the experience overall? Amazing. The weather was perfect–clear blue sky, and a high of about 67 degrees. We were constantly pulling the van over to take photos cuz everything was so beautiful. We saw lots of lakes and a few waterfalls. A view of mountains everywhere! We got to meet these amazing musicians and take their classes, and have conversations with them. And take photos with them! (Click the link to see our photo album.) We got to perform. The food was awesome (very important to me!) Amy–the head of the camp, took such good care of us. We brought our friend Zachary with us to run sound, and he was awesome. We brought Dorothy (Jaime’s mom) with us to keep us smiling. And we of course brought Ron with us to play!! It was a quick trip but sooo full of amazingness. We are all SO overjoyed.

Wow, Julie. It sounds like it was an incredible experience. It certainly was, Julie. I’m so glad we had the opportunity. And so glad we were all able to drop everything and just go! It happened so fast.

Amazing story. You guys are remarkable. Thanks so much.

And you’re so beautiful. Thanks, so are you!!!

Can I have a hug? Yes.


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