Soooo the other night I was sleeping (well…trying to, at least). But I had to pee. The thought of having to get out of my warm bed and leave Jaime all alone for 3 minutes was horrifying. The bathroom is SO. FAR. AWAY. I couldn’t do it. Instead, I just stayed in bed. I procrastinated and stressed about having to pee. I put it off for who knows how long.

Ridiculous, right? All I had to do was get the heck out of bed, go pee, and I’d be back under the covers in less than 5 minutes. But instead I chose to torture myself for hours.

Don’t get in your way. We do it all the time. We know we shouldn’t overdrink tonight, but we do it anyway. We hate our job but we stay there, cuz we’re scared of finding something else. We’re afraid to try new things cuz we might fail. We’re afraid to leave a crappy significant other cuz we just don’t want to be alone. We’re miserable at our jobs but we consistently spend ALL our time there, and are too tired to do anything else. We avoid exercising although we know it would make us feel better. We put off going to the MVA/DMV for weeks and weeks and spend the whole time stressing about it, when all we gotta do is just. go. today.

We all have options. And choices. Less stressing. More doing! Don’t make things harder on yourself. Just go pee!
#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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