Did you hear the news?! Astronomers just made a huge discovery. About 40 light-years away, there’s a star with at least 7 planets orbiting it. They’re all about Earth-size. They think there is a big chance that life could exist on at least one of these. HERE is the article.

I have so many questions!!!!!!!!
-Are there people on those planets?? What do they call them?
-Is there life on several of those planets or just one? Do they know about each other?
-Do they know about US??
-Do they know about the election?
-Do they know about The Beatles??
-Do they have TV?
-Do they have Kevin Bacon movies out there? Do they know about the 7 degrees of separation?
-What about music?? Do they have it?! Does it sound totally different?
-Are they nicer than we are?
-What about religion? Do they have it at all?
-What’s the weather like? Do they have other forms out there? Can it actually rain cats and dogs?
-Do they sleep or have they figured out how to rule that stuff out completely?
-What about food? Do they have gluten?
-Are they healthier than we are? Does healthcare cost a fortune?
-Do they have dogs? What other kinds of animals?
-Do they have Internet?
-What about chocolate? OMG WHAT IF THEY DON’T HAVE CHOCOLATE??!
-What about math? What kind of numbers do they use?
-Is Elvis living out there? What about Tupac??
-Have they figured out how to finish a glass of iced tea without having the ice cubes at the bottom hitting you in the face? Of course a straw would help but they aren’t always available, ya know.
-Do they care about celebrities as much as we do?
-Do the Kardashians have family out there?
-Do they have marijuana and is it legal? Do they have free shipping??
aghhhhhhhh so many questions!!

Thinking about this really makes my life seem…small. Ya know? Not in a bad way. I wonder how much more they will find out, and how long it will take.
Also, when I try to think about how far away this is, it kinda blows my mind. Just can’t comprehend. So wild!

Talk to your kids about this! Your parents, your neighbors. What kinds of fun questions do they have?

 #LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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