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I like to stay away from desserts. I don’t eat them much cuz sugar is awful for humans in so many ways. I only eat dessert when my favorite ice cream goes on sale. Or if I’m at a cookout and somebody made something awesome. Oh! Or if it’s someone’s birthday. It’d be rude to not eat a slice of cake. Right?!

But! On holidays like Halloween or Christmas I’ll have some dessert. And! If I go to the Lancaster market, I like to get a fresh yummy donut. After all, I only eat donuts a couple times a year. A girl deserves a donut, damnit! Or! Once in a while I treat myself to an AMAZING eclair from Gersebeck’s, a MD grocery store. And! Once in a long while I gotta get a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. We all deserve that, right?! And…every time I go to Wegman’s I must get a coconut macaroon. Well…since I’m there, I get two. Two for me and two for Jaime. Oh and sometimes when I’m at the beach I like to have funnel cake or fudge or Kohr brothers ice cream. Don’t judge!

Ok ok so you get the drift. It’s not each instance that’s the problem; it’s all of them together. I pretty much have at least one dessert per week. Is that ok? Sure! If I’m ok with my health. But if I’m unhappy with my health, then I need to make a change. It’s not the end of the world! Change is good. There are options.

Some options:
-Portion control! Don’t buy the whole tub of ice cream. Go out for ice cream and split a sundae with someone. Don’t buy the whole box of cookies; just get one from a bakery. Instead of a giant piece of cake, split it with someone.
-Don’t buy multiple desserts/junkfood, like a pack of Milanos. You’ll feel bad about wasting them so you’ll eat the whole bag! Don’t do it. Make your drummer buy the bag and then ask if you have just one cookie or two.
-When you cook something for a party, try to bring something healthy.
-Have fruit instead. Get yummy fresh stuff!
-Decide how many desserts you will allow yourself a week/month/whatever and stick to it.
-Experiment with making healthy desserts. Some of them will taste different but you will get used to it! Cacao powder is great; it’s chocolate but healthy chocolate! You can blend it with coconut milk and frozen bananas to make a yummy milkshake.
-Exercise. I could hit the gym an extra day that week if I wanna indulge in a fried Snickers bar

PS: I’m studying to be a health and nutrition coach, so I hope you don’t mind the occasional health suggestions!

I love you!

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