I had a crapload of stuff to do today. More than usual! So I almost skipped yoga. Cuz who has time for self-care?? I got work to do.

Then I realized that was stupid. I need to go to yoga today because I am doing so much stuff. I need to set this time aside for myself. Once in a long while, sure–I skip class cuz I’m too busy. But that is rare.

People seem to take pride in not taking care of themselves, or pretending not to care about their health. Well, they say they don’t care about health until they get a cold, then it’s endless boo-hooing. They brag about only sleeping 5 hours per night, drinking too much (guilty), being overly busy (guilty), and rolling their eyes at people who like to eat healthy. Well my friends, we are in the middle of a revolution! We are realizing these brave, unhealthy, Red Bull-drinking, cranky non-sleepers are actually not heroes. They are silly gooses. It’s time to start taking care of ourselves so that we can be more efficient, happier, and not so freaking cranky. Less road rage. Less falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm on a Saturday. A healthier you means more time for FUN!

So kudos to me for still getting to yoga today! That class makes me so happy. I know I always feel better after going. And it’s only an hour. I gave 8 whole hours to my day-job today; can’t I give myself just one hour??

Take care of yourself and BE PROUD of it!! And just smile lovingly at the peeps who want to brag about how busy and tired they are. Let them complain to someone else.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, then do it for the people who need you. Your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers need a healthy and happy you.

Thanks for reading! I love you!

#letitin #takecare

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