I have a new approach to cooking.

I think some of you may know that I’m in school to be a health and nutrition coach? Because of this, I’ve been exploring new healthy foods, recipes, etc. This can be scary! I hate trying out a new recipe and finding that it’s no good. And now I’m hungry and got nothin. All that time and effort was wasted, ya know?

Well! My new approach is different. If I try something new and it’s great, then WOO! I have a new great thing to make. I can add it to the rotation. But if it DOESN’T turn out well, that’s still good. Cuz I’m still learning something. Maybe I learned how to avoid overcooking farro. Maybe I just learned that it’s important to add coconut milk to a soup later rather than sooner. Or maybe I just learned that this one recipe sucks and should not be attempted. Either way! It’s all part of the learning experience and the journey. Sometimes, knowing what NOT to do is just as helpful as knowing what TO do. And then I can warn my future clients.

I can already tell my skills have greatly improved, even after just a few months. I’ve been trying a new food or recipe every week. I have learned SO much! It’s been really exciting.

I encourage you to take the same approach! If you’re trying something new, don’t think that perfection is your goal. A new experience is the goal! Whatever happens, you will most likely learn something. Let us never stop learning; it’s good for the brain and the soul.


Thanks for reading! I love you!

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