Eastport a Rockin

Eastport a Rockin

What a great day! We played an Annapolis festival called Eastport a Rockin on 6/25. Tons of fun! It was our first time playing there, ever (yikes, that’s a different blog)

Festivals are tough. Imagine you are working out. You’ve been going for a while, you are all worked up and the sweat is just pouring out of you. You’re getting a fabulous workout! Now imagine doing that in front of hundreds of people. On a stage. Wearing a dress. It kinda sucks! It’s one thing for the boys to sweat, but I’m a lady. We are expected to be pretty at all times, or we are considered freakish.

So, the sweating is a problem. But even simple things like going to the bathroom, getting a drink, or even feeding yourself become enormous tasks. Try getting food, but you need tickets. And I’ll surely run into someone “hey!! you’re leda! hey i know you don’t know me, but let me give you some advice. You should [dress differently, really try to give it your all, don’t wear those sunglasses, don’t be afraid! run around more, run around less, etc etc etc]

or I might run into the person who came to a show two years ago, introduced himself, and is now utterly offended that I don’t remember his name. Even though it was–2 years ago.

Ok. I got through the people! Now it’s time to pee before we go on. Walk to the port-o-potties. Crap, there’s a line. Do I play the “i’m in the band” card? Nah, not usually. I’ll do it if I have to play in a matter of minutes. If it’s an hour or more, I won’t do it. Then someone in line recognizes me. “ohhhh you’re leda!! i love to see you guys but i don’t get to very often, cuz my friend doesn’t like you guys.” Super. Thanks for that almost compliment. ( i guess i should make a note that i didn’t hear all these crazy rantings at this one festival, it’s just a collection of all the good ones i’ve heard lately!)

Finally, I make it into a potty to pee. Hold my breath cuz strangers probably pooed there earlier. Drip dry cuz there’s no TP. Ok, done.

Now it’s time to get a drink! A beer would be nice. But if I drink beer, I’m gonna have to pee. And then I’m right back in the potty line. D’oh!!

So, festivals are nuts. On Saturday, even though we play at 7 I get to the festival at 2 cuz I love to support all our friends’ bands.Phone’s.ringing! we get a call from the Dirty Names, who are playing right before us. Somehow they tracked down Jaime’s number. “Dude, I’m so sorry but we are driving from New York and we hit a bunch of traffic, and I don’t think we’re gonna make our set. Can we switch sets, we’ll play at 7 and you play at 6?”

Crap. Crap crap crap. We have been telling EVERYONE that we play at 7. If we switch, we’ll be doing a good deed. But then we’re gonna hear it. People will complain that they made it over to our stage at 7 and we weren’t playing anymore. And they’ll be pissed. What do we do? Omar’s not even here yet, who knows when he’ll get here. AGHHHHHH what to do, what to do.

But we’re sweethearts. It’s true. So we say yes. As long as the 4 of us are here at 6, we’ll do it. So we started to spread the word that we are on at 6.

But at 5:40…a glimmer of light. Is it a bird? Is it the Rolling Stones? No! It’s the Dirty Names. They made it! Just in time.

Sooooooo they played their 6:00 slot. And we played at our original time, 7:10.

So here’s why I’m writing about this–these guys were classy. Not only did they totally rock the stage, but they gave us a shout-out and said thanks on the microphone. And then here’s the thing–they stayed for our set and loved us. I have seen so many veteran musicians not stick around to support others after their set. It’s lame. I’m not asking you to paint my apartment. I’m not asking you to make a monetary donation. I’m just asking you to listen to my stuff, as I did with yours. So even though these 20-something year-olds could have strutted around and collected compliments, and could have seen some of the festival, they stuck around, enjoyed the hell out of our set, and were completely sweet afterwards. Out of each one of them I heard “thank you so so so much for your flexibility.” AND…they thought we rocked :-)  which is always nice to hear. They say “we must book a show together soon, you guys are awesome!” and we say the same.

So the moral of the story is…be nice. Even when it’s not convenient. We met some adorable smart, sweet guys who are in a great band, and we can’t wait to play with them again! Be nice, cuz you never know when YOU’RE gonna need someone to be nice, or understanding. Or both.

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