People are STRESSED this time of year. So much to do. And the people who don’t have a whole lot to do? They’re feeling lost and lonely.

There are solutions out there. You just have to focus on them, instead of focusing on the obstacles. We all know that some people would rather just complain and be the “woe is me” type. But we can choose to be a different type.

If you are feeling lonely over the holidays, there are LOTS of people out there who need you. Go find them and help them. It’s a basic human need to feel like we are needed. To feel like we serve a purpose. Feeling lost? Get out there and find yourself and find others who need you. Go cook for them, deliver stuff, gather stuff, write letters to soldiers. There are so many options!

If you are feeling super stressed, there are options, too. Just depends on your situation. Some options:
1. Start shopping early next year.
2. Get extra organized. It can cut down on time.
3. Consolidate.
4. Ask for help.
5. Understand. Empathize.
6. Ask yourself questions. Give yourself a break. What would happen if you only made 4 kinds of cookies instead of 3? What would happen if you DIDN’T send Christmas cards next year? Would people even notice that you didn’t send cards? Would they throw a fit? If they would get offended that you don’t send cards, then there is obviously something wrong with them and not you. I have never sent out Christmas cards even though we’ve been married for 12 years. I have received zero complaints! (Maybe they all secretly hate me for it but at least they are smiling to my face.) Or maybe suggest a secret santa instead of everyone buying gifts for 20 people. If they freak, you could tell everyone to please continue to buy for everyone and enjoy, but you are gonna opt out next year, to give yourself some rest. Gifts just aren’t your thing. Suggest that nobody buy gifts for you and that you will not buy gifts, but you will show up and cook and eat and be super merry. Totally acceptable!
Whether you choose these options or something else, just focus on solutions and alternatives. Sometimes, things aren’t as big of a deal as we make them.
7. Write (and save) notes for next year. When you’re in the middle of a holiday season, you know exactly what it’s like. Maybe you over-cooked on Christmas Eve. Maybe you spent too much money on gifts. Maybe you took on a stressful home project the month of December, forgetting you are busy during the holidays. While these lessons are fresh in your head, write them down and refer back to them next year. December 2018 will be here before you know it.
8. Do not let the “YAY I LOVE CHRISTMAS IT’S SO WONDERFUL” people get you down. And please don’t roll your eyes or be mad at them, even if they are super annoying. Being positive and excited about life is actually a sign of success. I mean, what more could we really want?! There are so many grumps out there. If someone can find joy in something, be thankful! They are doing something right.


Thanks for reading! I love you!
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