I love this video. It shook me up. There are so many political things to argue about these days. People even argue when they actually agree…it’s just so hard to communicate on social media. I could say “I love dogs!” and some people might be quick to jump on me and say “But what about cats?? You shouldn’t leave them out.” Sheesh.

Many of my loved ones are stressed out due to the division among us, and the direction we are moving toward. I don’t remember it ever being this bad. I very much respect those who care so much. I respect those who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, and care so much that they even become overwhelmed. But I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed.

I feel that it’s my job (well…I appointed myself) to offer comfort for people. As an artist and blogger and friend, I want to try to find something positive. And the positive thing is this: even though you and I might have some big issues that we disagree on, even though we might have differences, we probably have some very strong similarities. When you need to feel comforted, when you need some release, switch your focus. Instead of focusing on why you think someone is wrong and how you are going to prove it, shift your focus to what you have in common. What’s something you both have gone through that has made you stronger? I love love love what this video shows. Even if it’s just an ad! (I think it might be an ad for a TV show or something?)

#LetItIn #MakeItHappen

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