This blog is gonna be short and sweet. I am a math geek and like to get to the point. [I used to teach algebra and pre-algebra! Was a math tutor for a while and now I write and edit math books and courses. Super dorky! Hooray]
Well, the math geek in me likes to get to the point and then just stop talking. So sometimes this blog thing can be tricky. I feel like I’m supposed to go on and on. I can’t just make my point; I also have to provide examples and supporting details and whatnot. Lame!

But this week, I don’t feel that I really need to convince you. There’s something I would like for you to do. Spring is here! Ish. It’s definitely coming. You can tell the plants and animals are ready for it! They are convinced it is here but are probably confused as heck. Well anyway…it’s coming. I would like for you to set a goal for yourself. What is one cool outdoor thing you could do for yourself this spring? You could go to an outdoor restaurant and see a band for happy hour/sunset. You could go eat your lunch outside at a park. Maybe once a week! You could drive to a cool town on a pretty day and just walk, and take it all in. Whatever you wanna do! May I suggest an activity where you really get to focus on the outdoors. Completing a task outside is great but you might be distracted. Perhaps some cloud-watching? Just be sure to follow through. After you decide on something, come up with some ideas of how to make it work. If you’re like me, if you don’t plan it, then it won’t happen. So get to planning! Get some fresh air and nature. It’s so good for us.

Be well! Take care of yourself. Who else is gonna do it?!

Photo by Sherrie von Sternberg

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