Nearly four years to the day from Sweet Leda’s release of their first LP Need The Music, Sweet Leda is thrilled to share their latest birth, a new full-length album, Let It In. Where Need The Music was key in the development of the band’s sound in its earlier years, Let It In captures the live and raw essence of what can only come from years of steady gigs, blood, sweat, and a few tears. To capture this essence, the band went old school on its own ass and tracked everything live. The whole band recorded all together in one room, tracking analog to 2” tape. What came out of the process is an intimate, in-your-face, edgy sound that exemplifies Sweet Leda live, at their best. (Full disclosure, there were a few overdubs; a few vocal harmonies, a few guitar parts, and for good measure, the band brought Ron Holloway in for a couple tracks!) At the helm are Producer Stephen Joseph Antonelli of Song Builder Studios (who also produced Need The Music), and Engineer/Mixer IRKO (Jay-Z, J Lo, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Live).


Press for Let It In:
Gigspots Review
The Capital 
Fox 45 News

Thank you SO much to our sugar mamas and sugar daddies, aka our album contributors! We could not have done this without you guys!

**Dave Young, Patti Tini, and ACKlet-it-in-cover
**Brian and Rachel Hahn (Jordan too!)
**Mike and Kathleen Horrigan

Carol Boyette
Jenni and Jake Callard
Dorothy Carpenter and Doug Heisler
John and Dayle Carpenter
Ann and Ted Cymek
The Horrigan Family (Steve, Allison, Leilah, and Evelyn)
Abbey and Tatum
Casey Cabot
Chuck Carlson
Paul and Bonnie Cullen
David and Diane DeKowski
Monem and Nancy El Dieahy
Tammy Eves
Das FunkHaus
John Devecka WLOY
Dennis and Julia Jay
MJ Johnston
Jim Jurena
Bill Foster
Heidi Frist
Lee and Cindy Fritz
Curt Gary
April and Jim Gick
Lisa Hart and Nancy LaMarr
Karin Hoppmann
Polly Howard
Julie Izzo
Kathy Kennedy and Eli Jones
Brian Lintz
Brandi Mann
DJ Sharon Messina
Michele Myers
Tracy Neff
Greg Pantelides
Larry Pellerito
Phil and Lynnette Phucas
Evelyn Phucas
Andrew Powers
Bryan Sauble
Peggy Sauble
Kevin Shook
Edward Smith
Frank Snyder
Ellen Stahly and John Taylor
Jill Steere
Jon Valentine
Sherrie von Sternberg
Ned Whiting
Christi Winkler
Ricky Wise

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