Hello loved ones! I’m just gonna jump right into it with some thoughts on what is happening in our country right now.
Our dear friend Andy posted something on Facebook weeks ago, and it really stuck with me (and Jaime, who pointed it out to me).
Andy’s post:
“And until the philosophy
Which hold one race superior and another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned
Everywhere is war
Me say war”
Andy continues on to say…
I know these words by the great Bob Marley to be the absolute and only truth and try to live by them every moment. The funny (not funny) thing is that behind my conscious thoughts of love and equality runs a program akin to a computer virus, the architects of which live in Hollywood, the media, in my social and family upbringing, in conversations I’ve overheard as a child, in conversations I’ve overheard as an adult. This program taints my every thought, to a varying degree, almost unnoticed.
I believe … these unseen thought processes; this programming are the biggest enemy of Bob’s vision. I am not sure if the program in me can be deleted but know this: I am the conscious observer of my own thoughts, not my thoughts themselves and I WILL stand in the way of anyone who seeks to work against the ideals behind this beautiful verse.
My thoughts on this post: Some people make their opinions VERY clear. Maybe it’s from their social media posts, maybe it’s from their in-person language and actions. Maybe from other outlets. But I think what’s harder to notice is when it’s not so obvious, which is much more common. And it’s hard to analyze our own actions and patterns! Many of us might treat some people differently, but we don’t even mean to. I really like what Andy said about the computer virus, about being observers to our own thoughts. We are a collection of years and years of experiences, images, conversations, media. We do and say things without realizing. I mean, sheesh. Even though I am a woman, sometimes I catch myself treating women differently than men. I don’t intend to do so! But it’s ingrained in me, even if I do try to have the best of intentions.
No matter what the issue is at hand, I believe the most important thing is for us to care. Care about people we know. And people we don’t know. I ask us to be curious and not judgmental. “You’re upset? Tell me about it. Help me understand.” instead of shutting them down without listening. There were a LOT of people who spoke out during the #metoo movement, and I saw some social media commenters say “Wow, I had no idea this stuff was so common. I had no idea that some of my words and actions may have made others feel uncomfortable. I think I kinda get it now.” But I also saw others not listening, shutting people down, judging, making assumptions and excuses. They did NOT choose to care or listen; they enjoyed forming a fast opinion and sticking to it, and searching for ways to prove themselves to be “right”. And I am seeing the same thing happening today. Sooo many of us are listening. But some of us are not, and I have to wonder…why? Fear, perhaps? Why are we afraid to listen to others? Maybe we’re afraid of being wrong? We’re afraid to change? We’re afraid to admit we didn’t/don’t understand? I think wanting to learn and change is a kickass thing, and nothing to be afraid of. We can have good intentions and always try to do our best and treat people well, but we are human and we know that we’re gonna screw up. Often. And it’s ok! We can forgive ourselves, move forward, and try to be better tomorrow.
I dunno about you, but lately, I’ve been smiling at EVERYONE (which is tough to do while wearing a mask!). We’re all a mess right now! People need love. If I see a friend, I smile or say hello. If I see a stranger, I smile or say hello. If I see a nurse, I smile. If I see a puppy, I smile. If I see a police officer, I smile. The person at the post office? Yup, they’re getting a big ol’ Julie smile, too. I’ve even been talking to my plants. People probably think I’m nuts but I don’t care…I’m trying to spread some much-needed love. I encourage you to do the same! But knowing our Leda family…I bet many of you are doing this already. And that’s why we love you. xoxo
I hope to see you online or from 6 feet away, very soon!! I love you! Thank you for reading. And thanks for being you.
[photo by Area 301]
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