I recently decided to change my story. VERY recently. Actually, I just came up with this decision today.
I’m not talking about my whole life story. Just the way I’ve been answering the question “how’s it going?”
What I’ve been replying with lately is “I’m doing well! But busy. My project at work is kicking my ass. The gigs are back in full swing and they just keep coming! It’s a bit overwhelming.”
Here is the reply I will start using instead:
“I’m good! I have an extremely challenging project at work, but I’m learning a lot and managing really well. Gigs are back in full swing! So much so that we’ve had to turn some down. So happy to be playing again! I’m working on enjoying the music but still taking some time off on the weekends to have some free time.”
And that’s that! A more positive and hopeful response. A more “I’m in control of my own life” response. (After all…if I’m too busy, it’s ME who is ultimately to blame.) I like the idea of this new “story” because it doesn’t paint the picture of me being swallowed up by my schedule. It paints a picture of me kicking ass. It paints a picture of ME in the driver’s seat. Even though I haven’t changed my life at all–changing my mindset and the way I talk about it can be extremely powerful. Many of my strong smart healthy friends and coaches have taught me “it starts with the word.” Repeat a mantra. Declare that you are a warrior and poof! You are a warrior.
What’s YOUR story? Do you have a story that you’d like to change? Maybe you’re scared but don’t want to be. Start today. Maybe you can’t cook but want to learn? Start today. Maybe you’re interested in exercising. Start this very second. Say out loud “I enjoy exercising.” Put on some sneakers and go outside. Go for a very fast walk. Maybe jog or sprint once in a while, maybe not. Get out there for 5 minutes or an hour. Any start is a start!
Maybe you used to be a picky eater. That could change TODAY! Maybe you decide you don’t want to be held back by your own restrictions. “I’m interested in trying new foods.” Imagine what you could accomplish with a brand new story!
Is your story serving you? Is it helpful? If not, change it up! Start today. I love you! Thank you for reading.
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